Vijay Devarakonda's Rowdy Club|| How to Register Rowdy Club app|| Rowdy Club Referral Code

Vijay Devarakonda's most recent activity, Rowdy Club has turned into an enormous hit among his fans. every day once its official app was launched in Hyderabad, it climbed to ideal spot within the mode section in each Apple’s App store and Google Playstore.

Clearly, the Rowdy application got in excess of 1 lakh downloads and there is a colossal interest for the attire that is being sold under 'Raucous' name. In the previous couple of days, Vijay had been dropping a few clues that he is making his attack into promoting and attire. Also, with the primary stock going to be conveyed to his fans, the performing artist is energetically anticipating the reaction for his new activity.

4 steps to become a rowdy club app Member

 rowdy club

Step 1: Download The Rowdy Club App 
Download the rowdy app from google play store or app store

Step 2: How Get Rowdy Club Referral Code
You’ll need a Rowdy Code to access the app.We’ve sent Rowdy Codes to all the members of the Rowdy Club. If you don’t have it, you gotta get a Rowdy club member to share their code with you.

Step 3: Check Out Cool Stuff on Rowdy Wear
Rowdy Wear is made for you Rowdies. Every Wednesday, I’ll drop one style in the app in limited quantities. Grab it if you like it!

Step 4: Check out rowdy club
There’s a couple of things in the Rowdy club section now, but there’s a lot coming here soon!

Vijay Deverakonda never stops to shock! The Arjun Reddy star, who flippantly calls his fans "Rowdies", is continually doing things a little in an unexpected way. His most recent move — he's began a site called Rowdy Club <> and requested that his fans enlist themselves, promising exciting circumstances ahead. 

"In the event that you enroll your subtle elements, you are in for a wild ride with me! You will get notification from me soon," the performing artist has guaranteed. Maybe he intends to begin speaking with fans all the time once he makes a database. We'll need to pause and watch.


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